Jeff Chef

Just a little about me…my name is Jeff Pirtle, but most people just call me Chef Jeff. After culinary school I became a chef and dietary manager for various hospitals and healthcare centers.

I received my dietary certification from the University of North Dakota and was also certified by the state of California so I could write in patients charts and give them health advice.

That was a blast helping all of those people, but I missed being able to cook all of the fancy foods that I got trained to cook.

So… I became a mega-yacht chef.

For over 10 years I traveled the world cooking for the rich and famous.

I’ve cooked for Sylvester Stallone in Italy, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas in the South of France, and even Doctor Oz and his wife in Turkey.

It’s really been an awesome ride for sure.

I decided to become a freelance private chef a few years ago and I have been busy non-stop.

Just in the past year or so alone my cooking gigs have taken me from Tahiti to the Caribbean, all over the Mediterranean, and many other places across the globe.

Recently I’ve decided to slow down and focus on this website and all of the cool programs and recipes that I’ve created for you.

Have fun browsing around. I’m sure there’s something here that can improve your life.

If you have any questions for me…feel free to click on the contact link at the bottom and top of each page.

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